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Impact Strategy

The first step is to uncover what your values and goals are. We listen closely to hear your story and learn more about the changes you’d like to see in your community or in the wider world. We help you craft a unique mission statement that outlines the type of impact you seek to have, which resources you’ll deploy (investments, grants or time), and a powerful statement of how you’ll achieve your impact goals.

Next, we walk you through our proprietary Values Game to clarify and rank your specific areas of interest.

Lastly, we use our proprietary Impact Heatmap to show you which of your impact goals can be accomplished with specific investment opportunities (in stocks, fixed income, real estate or private investments), which can only be accomplished with grants, and which can’t be accomplished yet.

Investment Management

As an independent fiduciary, Align scours the ever-growing landscape of impact investments to find the options in each asset category that best match your personal values and goals. We do not sell products nor act as a money manager or stock picker ourselves. This allows us to objectively evaluate both the social and financial merits of each manager, be it a separate account, mutual fund, exchange-traded fund, real estate investment, private equity fund, or direct investment into a social enterprise, rather than trying to push our own ideas. Your goals rather than our products drive your portfolio construction. After investment, we provide both financial and impact reporting to you and your advisors. Generally, assets can be held at your existing custodian or we can set up new accounts at low-cost custodians such as TD Institutional.

Philanthropy & Charitable Giving

Generosity is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship with money, yet many people feel ill-advised and reactive in their giving. We believe in a proactive, strategic approach to charitable giving. This begins with evaluating your prior grants compared to your stated priorities. We then ask you a series of questions about the criteria you’d like to use to evaluate grantees going forward. Lastly, we speak with past and prospective grantees and then present you with an implementable plan that aligns with your stated Impact Mission, fits the grantee criteria you’ve established, and complements your impact investment portfolio.

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