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Individuals and Families

We help clients identify their values and allocate resources to achieve their desired financial and social outcomes. Our impact strategy advice is coordinated with investment, tax, philanthropic, and estate planning recommendations. We work with your financial advisor and/or family office to create greater alignment between your investments and your values. After the strategy engagement is complete, we sub-manage the impact portion of your portfolio and can report to you and your advisors.


Many foundations have a mission that guides their grant giving but not their investing. As a result, many foundation fiduciaries are shocked to learn that they own companies and bonds that are actually working at cross-purposes to the foundation’s stated mission. By evaluating past grants and investments, we can help foundations utilize “the other 95%,” not only their grants, to achieve their goals.

Conversely, many decision-makers for smaller family foundations and donor-advised funds tell us that their giving is largely reactive or based on the past. They report that they’d like to have a more strategic approach that clearly outlines their mission, establishes metrics to define success, and engages with past and prospective grantees to maximize effectiveness. We help clients create a personalized Grant Strategy, and if desired, can manage the implementation of that Strategy including negotiations with grantees, impact reporting, and coordination with tax, legal and financial advisors.

Financial Advisors

Unlike many wealth managers, Align works alongside existing financial advisors and family office teams rather than in competition with them. Clients are increasingly asking about impact investing, and yet the number of choices in the industry is growing too rapidly for a generalist to keep up. Further, the tools and techniques with which Align gleans a particular client’s impact personality and objectives requires years of experience and broad knowledge of what’s realistically implementable in today’s grant and investing environments. Align helps advisors provide impact strategy and portfolio management services to their clients who are asking for expert guidance in this area with the confidence that Align will not take the client from the advisor.

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